Black History Month Gifting Guide: Embracing Culture with CrownBox Gifts

As we celebrate Black History Month, take the opportunity to honor the strength, resilience, and achievements of Black women. CrownBox Gifts brings you a guide to gifting that pays homage to this rich heritage. Gift yourself, your friend of colleague with:

  1. 100%  Black-Owned CrownBox:

Build a box that honors the legacy of black creativity and success by  curating selection of self-care and beauty products from 10+ Black-owned brands. From skincare essentials to bold statement pieces, this gift box is a celebration of diversity and inclusivity in the gifting industry. Shop Custom > Filter By Collection (select Black Owned) Select 5 or more gifts get a Free Black Girl Magic Brooch! Code: BLKCB


2. Afrocentric Accessories Collection:

Adorn her with accessories that reflect the beauty of Afrocentric design. Our collection includes statement tote bags, buttons, earrings and brooches that celebrate the vibrancy of African culture.

3. Customized Greeting Card with Witty Pop Culture Language:

Send a personalized greeting card that combines affirming messages with witty pop culture language. It's a small yet impactful way to celebrate individuality and shared cultural references.

4. Travel Essentials Set for the Jetsetter:

For the woman with a passion for travel, our curated travel essentials set is the perfect gift. Featuring items from Black-owned brands, it combines practicality with a celebration of Black entrepreneurship.

5. Statement Tote Bag and Guided Journal Combo:

Pair a statement tote bag with a Black-owned  journal for a gift that combines style with functionality. It's a thoughtful way to acknowledge her busy lifestyle while ensuring she stays organized and fashionable.

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