CrownBox was born after experiencing a tough year within our friend group; which resulted in a desperate search for ways to genuinely support each other from afar. Although we share many similarities as Black women - as friends- we also honor and appreciate our range of interests, personalities, achievements, and life challenges.

In our unsuccessful struggle to find unique, meaningful, affordable gifts that both represent and uplift our sisters, we decided to create our own. 

The founders of CrownBox are proud pubic school educators, attorneys, philanthropists, wives, mothers, daughters, aunties, friends, and . . . sistas.


Our Vision

The What:

Our vision for CrownBox is to inspire sisterhood.  CrownBox is an exercise in our natural inclination to ‘adjust each other's crown’ and demonstrate true sisterhood in a tangible and meaningful way. 

The Why:

We seek to weave spontaneous gift-giving into the fabric of our culture as a means of supporting and inspiring  our loved ones.  Black women are reliable friends who ‘show up’ at the ‘drop-of-a-dime’. We are loving sisters, girlfriends, mothers, wives, mentors, coworkers, aunts, grandmothers, daughters and some of our community’s biggest cheerleaders. However, at times we can be overlooked and under-appreciated. CrownBox aspires to change this by celebrating even the smallest of victories, offering Her a much needed ‘pick-me-up,’ and encouraging you to ‘remember your Sis’ by giving her a thoughtful gift.

 The How:

  1. Disrupt the predominantly white gifting industry by incorporating Black voices and products that match our interests.   We aim to source 100% of our products from Black and minority owned businesses. We want to support brands like us -  that truly represent how we love - selflessly, relentlessly and wholly by pouring our dollars right back into communities of color.
  1. Partner with existing organizations that offer a platform for women to build, network and uplift each other by collaborating on events, offering corporate gifting, and finding innovative ways to highlight their achievements and contributions to their communities.
  1. Commit a portion of our profits to charitable organizations that support the needs of women and girls.

 Join our tribe to realize this mission of LOVE.