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STRESS FREE Shower Steamer/Bath Bomb (Lavender)
Get Stress-Free! A product that DOUBLES as a Shower Steamer and Bath Bomb! When placed on floor of your shower, water activates and releases the calming essential oil aroma. If you prefer to soak in a luxurious bath, just drop one in the...
Shower Cap & Turban Set
This convenient travel set offers a maximum coverage shower cap that seals out moisture. The cute microfiber hair turban absorbs water easily for quick drying.
$13.99 $11.99
Wick-less Candle Melts
Pair with our beautiful aroma warmer to perfume your home with calming scents.Works like a candle...but without the smoke!6 Pack of Sandalwood Rose wax melts
$7.99 $5.99
Aroma Warmer
$15.99 $11.99
Aroma Warmer
Place a wick less candle melt or your favorite essential oils in the aroma warmer to perfume your home with calming scents. Wax melts available for purchase.
$15.99 $11.99
Gel-Padded Eye Mask
This cute pink gel-padded eye mask acts as a stress reducer, pain reliever and skin reviver all-in-one!  Could be heated in warm water or cooled for different effect.
$10.99 $8.99
Crystal-Top Wine Bottle Stopper
Keep your favorite bottle of bubbly fresh and fancy until your next glass. Golden stopper with a rose stone is sure to impress any gathering for a bottle or two.
$12.99 $10.99
'Pampered Sis' CrownBox
Gift this 'box of love' to the superwoman who handles her business like a true boss. Fitting for birthday. Graduation, Mother's day, Just Because and MUCH MORE. CrownBox Includes: 1x Aroma Warmer1x Wick-less Candle Melts1 Shower Steamer/bath bomb1x Shower Cap...
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