ME Season Candle


You’ve done the work Sis. Take a moment to honor yourself and embrace "Me" season with this luxury candle.

LIght up this beautiful fragrance and scan the QR code provided for the classic songs to get you ready for a night to remember.


Top: Tangerine, Peach
Middle: Mango, Carnation, Passionfruit
Base: Sandalwood, Petitgrain

Item specifics:

-hand-poured in small batches

-high quality, phthalate free coconut soy wax, fragrance and essential oils

-clean &  toxin free scents

-4 oz

BONUS GIFTS included in every order:

-FREE Lumiere Rene matchbox

-FREE custom Spotify playlist to match the mood of your candle (scan QR code underneath candle lid)


Brought to you by: Lumière Rene

*Black-owned Product*